UI/UX Lead, Co-Founder

Overview: Oevo, is simply a creative community. A place where people from all around the world come to share, view, capture and enjoy short videos that are made to lighten the mood or used to express emotions and creativity to the audience and public. Oevo, is the first social media app that monetarily rewards users daily; based on their ability to continuously spread good vibes through their video content, whatever the genre it may be. Oevo allows creators to take, share and simply edit fascinating video as users are inspired by their imagination or while they capture clips as they move along their day, one second at a time, molding each scene or skit into a seven-second masterpiece.

When: Began OEVO in our home garage in the Summer of 2017.

My Role: Development, UI/UX Design, Mobile Interface Design, User Research, Product Design, Usability Testing, Feature Implementation, Product Marketing.

Market OEVO
Experience Gained: 

Designed a short-video competition social network application, with two other founders and a small team of engineers, designers and developers. As the Product Lead, I was in-charge of the design and development of the application and new website, while also taking on a research and feature implementation role.

Conducted user research to understand our market and learned about similar products and apps, defined project scope, and created an execution plan, including sketches first mock-ups and renders. 

With our ability to quickly learn about our market and excel in product development by innovating, and working in a team environment we launched OEVO on March 1st with over 3,000 users.

Through Influencer marketing and implementing user feedback, we grew OEVO’s user base with improvements and daily cash competitions. OEVO started trending on the Apple App Store and peaked at #29, beating apps like Twitter's Periscope, Houseparty, and many more.

Used research tools to evaluate user behavior on various functions and pages, and analyzed data to improve user experience and interface.

Currently, OEVO has over 250,000 users on iPhone and Android in over 120 countries worldwide, with the majority of users from USA, Canada, and Europe.